Welcome to ConvertFit.com

ConvertFit.com is an initiative by a team of people who care about fitness. One of our founders is an established name in the fitness industry having trained the US Marines in the Middle East to the who’s who of Bollywood. Venancio D’Souza is fondly called V in close circle. His mission is to provide the right kind of fitness training to everyone in the simplest form possible. His training regime has been fine tuned with decades of experience. His hard work has won him global recognition in the fitness industry, many accolades and has won him many championships. For Venancio, fitness is fun and he ensures his training regimen reflects that. He now plans to take it to the next level by not restricting himself to people who visit him at his studio but for everyone who has access to the internet. He will be posting videos and blogs to help you achieve your fitness goals, and he understand that everyone is unique, so are their problem.

He will be posting targeted videos according to your problem. Some of you might have want to reduce thigh fat, arm fat, double chin, body fat while others might want to gain muscles and body weight. He will also be making you aware of your body’s nutrition requirement and how you should fulfill it?

In the meantime, we request you to comment below and tell us what videos we should make and we will try to work on it.